Are you hurting?

Confused? Worried?

Feeling alone, desperate



Do you wonder

Why is my life so chaotic? Will I ever be happy?

Why can't I get past things that happened to me?

You do not have to struggle through this alone!

Psychotherapy is a process that helps people HEAL.


  • People who are grieving
  • People who fight with their kids, their spouse
  • People who don't like the person they've become
  • People who struggle to understand themselves
  • People who want things BETTER

People like you.

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If any of the above statements relate to you, therapy can help.

Therapy isn't magic. It takes work and commitment. But the results can be transformative.

When you work with Jenise, you will begin a journey of self-understanding, growth, and healing that will last far after you've left her office for the last time. Good therapy creates a pattern of change, of awareness, that does not stop once therapy ends. This is one thing that sets Jenise apart as a therapist. What you take away from therapy with her will be powerful enough, strong enough, to keep transforming your life. 


If you're looking for lasting change, if you have the dream, the vision for a happier, more fulfilling life, contact Jenise Harmon. She has the experience, the vision, and the insight to help.

When you make a commitment to therapy, you are making a commitment to yourself, for your future.

If you are seeking out counselors in Columbus Ohio, Jenise offers a centrally located office that is close to Grove City, Hilliard, Worthington, Westerville, Upper Arlington, and Grandview.  

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Marriage counseling Columbus Ohio: Jenise helps spouses:

improve communication 

increase intimacy in your marriage

deal with infidelity

Couples Counseling Columbus Ohio

Jenise works with couples of all sexual orientations, ages, and types of relationship. She also provides counseling for couples who are considering marriage or other type of long-term committment. 

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Counseling Columbus Ohio: For individuals, ages 18 and older. Counseling can help you

increase self esteem

recover from trauma

deal with self destructive behaviors.


Life is finite. None of us is sure how long we have left. Make your life the best you can. Find your path. Discover your world.


If we are unwilling to be aware of the dark, we cannot see the light

John Cowan

Looking for counseling in Columbus, Ohio? Allow Jenise to help you. Among therapists in Columbus Ohio, Jenise is known for her compassion, honesty, and authentic character. 

Whether you are looking for marriage counseling or individual counseling, Jenise has the skills needed to help you improve your life.  

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Marriage Counseling, Columbus Ohio

Couples Counseling, Columbus Ohio

Individual Counseling, Columbus Ohio

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